Nomad Studio TL - Imagination is your only limit - Est. 1986

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Graphic design: feeling like I don't wanna go to school, I'm gonna be an artist instead

I graduated from the business school of Marseille (KEDGE Business School) with a Master of Science in Management. Being a creative person with a lot of imagination, I choosed to follow a career in marketing and communications to express and develop these skills.

I am strongly convinced that a nice design is decisive in a product or company success. I have always been fond of design and love the idea of creating something from scratch. Learning to master the Adobe Creative Suit enabled me to conceive communications tools by myself.

Here are some communication tools that I created, first during my internships at different companies (Monte Cristo Games, New Zealand Body Art Awards, TF1 Vidéo) and then on a freelance basis. It includes: posters, flyers, logos, fact sheets, powerpoint slides and more.

I also use these graphic skills for web design and video editing. For example, I can create elements in Photoshop that I will import and put into motion in a video (via video editing software, such as Premiere or Final Cut). Thus, I control every aspect of a digital creation, optimizing time spent on each step of the process. This is very helpful when I'm in charge of projects which are not mine to craft (from a management point of view), because I know exactly how to brief and can quickly understand the technical challenges.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. S. Jobs